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Editing your podcast episodes is crucial in delivering high-quality content to your audience. And editing your podcast episodes may be the least fun process of hosting a podcast. You can outsource this task if you have the funds, but if you don’t, here are a few efficient tips to help you save time! Let’s dive in!

1. Create a Customized Template

The best thing to do is create a template that already has your intro and your outro, so all you have to do is plug in the episode recording or video in the middle. From there, you’ll edit out what you don’t want from the episode, like dead air, questions your guest may have wished to re-answer, etc. 

If the software you use to edit doesn’t allow you to create a template, record your intro, then record your outro, and use those in each episode so you don’t have to record them every time. 

If your podcast is audio only and you have a MacBook, you can create a template on GarageBand and use this software to edit your episode. GarageBand already comes with your MacBook, so you don’t need to buy editing software. 

2. While Editing Podcast Episodes, Write Show Notes

This is the best time to write your show notes/description when editing your episodes. These notes serve as a valuable resource for listeners, summarizing the episode’s content, highlighting key takeaways, and providing relevant links or resources. By writing your show notes during editing, you’ll ensure accuracy and coherence between the content and its accompanying notes. This approach also helps you save time in the long run, as you won’t have to revisit the episode later to create detailed show notes.

In addition to writing show notes during this time, you can pick out your favorite episode quotes to create graphics. And choose which clips you’ll want to use to turn into videos for social media.

3. Time Management

The worst thing I did at the beginning of my podcasting journey was underestimate how long it would take me to edit episodes. When it comes time to edit your episodes, give yourself double the time the episode length. If your episode is twenty minutes long, block out about forty minutes to edit. 

These are a few things that have helped me be efficient when editing my podcast episodes. In another post, I’ll write about what you should include in the introduction and outro of your episodes. 

What tips would you add to this list? 

With Love, Heidy

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