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Lifeway Women Live 2021

This past weekend I attended the Lifeway Women Live conference for the third time. You can read about my first time attending in 2019 here. Last year, the conference was virtual, and our church hosted it, but we met on Zoom. This year our church hosted again but physically at the church, and I loved it. I loved being with other Women of God pursuing Christ together, worshiping together, and praying over each other!

The Speakers

This year’s speakers were Kristi McLellandRuth Chou SimonsKelly Minter,  Lisa HarperNancy Guthrie, and one of my favorite speakers since the first time I saw her in 2019, Jackie Hill Perry.

Angie Smith was the host this year, and I believe she did the first session, but since Lifeway was having some technical difficulties at the beginning of the conference, we weren’t able to hear her speak. I was looking forward to hearing Jamie Ivey’s message, but she and her family have been dealing with COVID, so prayers for them.

The Music

The worship band was Austin Stone Worship. And musical guest was Point of Grace, I had never heard of them before this conference, but apparently, they were popular in the 90s. Let me know if you listen to their songs or have heard of them. 🙂

The Messages

 The first message that stood out to me was Kristi McLelland. She asked, “What is your relationship with silence?” She wanted us to think if we try to avoid silence if we try to fill it, do we reach for our phones, and what gets stirred up inside us when there is silence? I found this question profound, and it got me thinking of doing a blog post about it. She tied the message by saying that what gets stirred up inside of us when there is silence is what we need to work on. Jesus can help us, but it’s up to us to want to get well.

The second message that stood out to me was Lisa Harper’s. Her message stemmed from Luke 11: 5-13, and this passage talks about seeking and you shall find and how the Lord will provide more. She mentioned that God always provides more than we could ever imagine and to always Aim towards Jesus. At one point during her message, she wanted us to lay hands on each other and pray. At this time, two ladies came up to me, we laid hands on each other, and prayed. That prayer was so powerful, and I felt the presence of God so profoundly that I felt like I wasn’t in the conference anymore. Also, I took over the prayer at one point, and I didn’t even have to think about what to say next; the words were flowing out of me!

The last message that stood out to me was Jackie Hill Perry’s. She had three points:

  1. The tongue is accountable
  2. The tongue is powerful
  3. The tongue is inconsistent

Now, when it comes to Jackie, I didn’t take many notes because the way she speaks has me captivated the whole time that I forget to write. I did write one thing she said, “words can hurt, but words can heal.” This reminded me of a blog post about word selection I wrote back in 2019 because words do hold much weight, and words are very powerful. Whether used for good or evil, words have power. I always try to say positive and encouraging things to others and myself because I’m not too fond of negative energy. I find it very draining.

In Conclusion

Overall, the conference was refreshing and empowering. Since the first one I’ve attended, I love conferences and have attended writing and speaking conferences too. Jackie Hill Perry has a conference coming up later on this year, and one of the cities she will be at is Atlanta, which I would love to attend.

Have you attended a Lifeway Women conference before? If so, what was your experience? Maybe you have attended another conference, let me know about that one; I’d love to hear all about your experience.

With Love,


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