Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Do You Need Them? Are They Helpful? Find Out Here!

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I started wearing blue light blocking glasses around a year ago, and the reason I looked into them is that I found my eyes tired at the end of my work shift. Even during my shift, I found myself looking away from the screen for a few minutes trying to get my focus back.

When researching the glasses, I saw a blogger post about how she recently bought some and noticed the difference; she was now able to work up to over 12 hours a day. I had asked her where she bought hers, and we both bought our glasses on

What Are Blue-Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses block the blue-light from laptop screens, desktop screens, phones, tablets, and even television. They help with eye strain.

Do They Work? That Depends on Who You Ask.

An article on states that the American Academy of Ophthalmology says that the glasses aren’t needed for computer usage. They say that the blue light does not cause eye disease or eyestrain and that what people are complaining about is the overuse of digital devices.

There are some eye professionals who believe they have some benefits. The article says that Greg Rogers, a senior optician at Eyeworks in Georgia, states he has seen benefits amongst customers, especially those in front of a screen for 6 hours or more. And Samuel Pierce, an OD who was a former president of the American Optometric Association, told USA Today that he recommends using blue light blocking glasses to lessen eyestrain.

Screens Aren’t the Only Place Where Blue Light Comes From.

Prior to all the technology and screens, the only blue light we were getting was from the sun. But now people are spending more time in front of screens. Office workers spend an average of 6 hours or more a day and then after work people are on their phones or watching TV.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Help With Sleep.

Another reason why people find blue light blocking glasses useful is for sleeping at night. Researchers have shown that the blue light from LED devices holds back melatonin, produced for sleep, which is why sleep experts always say not to use your device or watch TV an hour or two prior to trying to fall asleep.

study done back in 2017 at the University of Houston found that those wore the glasses had an increase of 58% in the nighttime melatonin level.

An Alternative If You Don’t Want to Spend Money on Glasses.

If you’re not looking to spend money on the glasses or don’t think you need them, an excellent way to give your eyes a break during your screen time is by adopting the 20-20-20 rule. The rule is that every 20 minutes, you look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule is recommended by The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Vision Council.

My Experience With Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

I’ve worked in front of a computer screen since I was 19 years old, but it wasn’t until I started working in the medical field that it was every day for 8 hours a day. Last year I started noticing I needed to look away from the screen more frequently to get my eyes to refocus, and I had eyestrain at the end of shifts, which is why I decided to buy the glasses. And also because after work, I had to come home and do online classes, so it was more time in front of the screen.

When I bought my first pair, it took a few days for my eyes to adjust, and I even had a few headaches, but after that, I noticed a difference right away. At the end of my shifts, my eyes were not tired, and I didn’t have to look away from the screen as often as I was before.

I only use the glasses for screen time, so whenever I take a break, I take my glasses off. If I’m not working, writing, or researching, I don’t have my glasses because I don’t need prescription glasses.

I love that Amazon has a wide variety of glasses available. The first two pairs were 2 for $19.99, and then the red ones I recently bought were $19.99 for just one pair. I haven’t spent more than $20 on blue light blocking glasses.

These were the first two pairs I bought. 2 for $19.99.
These were the first two pairs I bought. 2 for $19.99.
I have these in a clear frame also.
These are my lastest pair and my favorite 🙂

Do you use blue light blocking glasses? Have you thought about buying them? Let me know your experience or any questions you may have.

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