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What Is Your Relationship With Silence? – A Poem

What is your relationship with Silence? 

Does it consume you? 

Or you run from it? If you run? Why? 

Have you sat down in complete Silence for 5 minutes? 

Where does your thoughts go? Do you control them? Or do they control you? 

Do you get scared of where your mind goes? 

Let it run free for 5 minutes, see where you start and where you finish. 

Write it down. Do memories you want to forget appear? Voices? People? Things you saw you wish you didn’t. 

What is your relationship with Silence? Not many people can handle Silence, which is why they avoid it. Always listening to something, music, podcast, shows, news, something.

Being comfortable with Silence is being comfortable with yourself. Your true self.

Are you running from yourself? 

You can only run for so long. Two people you cannot lie to, is yourself and God. 

What is your relationship with Silence?

With Love, Heidy

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