How Do Podcasters Define Success?

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A friend referred someone to me to help them launch their podcast. When she reached out, I told her we need to set up a meeting to discuss details. She proceeded to ask me if I had a portfolio of clients to see their successes. I was taken aback at first, but then I explained how success for everyone is different when it comes to podcasting because everyone has different goals. So, I couldn’t provide physical data; however, whatever the client’s goal is with the podcast will define their success.

What is Success for Podcasters?

After I responded to her, I went to a podcast Facebook group that I’m a part of and posted this question, “what does success mean for you with your podcast?” And I received many different answers. Some said that the connections they make with others defined their success, another said that being consistent was success for them, and one said that as long as they continue having fun with it, it’s success for them. One even said publishing their first episode was a success.

Yes, you can make money from podcasting; however, it’s an investment, and you’ll make money over time. It’s like YouTube; you need to reach a certain milestone to be eligible for monetization with different platforms. But if you start a podcast with the only goal of making money, you’ll burn out and quit. Something else besides money should be your motivation, or you must have passion about what your podcast is about to keep you going.

To Me My Podcast Is Already Successful

For example, my podcast is about sharing immigrant stories, and eventually, I would like to sponsor attorneys on my podcast and non-profit organizations in the immigration field. I know that this takes time, and my podcast is only a year old. However, my success is the feedback I receive from my listeners and guests.

I currently help people launch their podcasts. I take them through it step-by-step so the process of launching is not overwhelming. If they have not been in the podcasting world before, it is overwhelming at first, just like it is when you start anything new, and I like to help make it as smooth and easy as possible.

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You Define Your Success With Your Show

The most prominent advice podcasters give to those who are starting is to stay consistent and produce quality content. Do not focus on the numbers because that will make you crazy; instead, focus on the connections you are making if you’re going to do an interview-style podcast or focus on the content you’re creating if you’re going to do a solo-type podcast. Focus on your goal, and money will come.

Do you have a podcast? If so, how do you define the success of your show?

With Love, Heidy

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