A Change Is Coming…….

I am excited to announce that my writing is moving to Substack!

After nine years of writing on here, I will no longer update this blog but will write the newsletter ‘Into My Thoughts.’ Why this change? Because Substack sends the posts to my subscriber’s emails. Also, Substack offers a paid subscription if I want to make money from my newsletters. Something to think about if you’re a writer 😉

With this change, I won’t have to worry about SEO, algorithms, or anything like that. I’ll just write and click ‘publish,’ and my subscribers will get my posts.

I am still going to write on Medium – if you’d like to sign up, use my referral link, and I’m not shutting this blog down, so you can access old posts, but I won’t be publishing anything new after this post.

A huge thank you to everyone following me on here throughout the years; I’m beyond thankful for everyone I’ve encountered and supported this blog.

My writing journey isn’t stopping, only shifting.

If you’d like to subscribe to my newsletter, you can do so here.   

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See you on Substack!

With Love, Heidy