A Letter to Postpartum Mommies


Dear New Mommy,

Whether this is your first, second, or fourth child, you’re a new mommy all over again. Each child is different; each experience is different, so each postpartum season is different.

The love you feel is so strong; nothing like you’ve ever felt better. But there is also fear. Fear of not knowing what to do. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of doing something wrong. And then there is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Someone so small needs you every two hours, demanding so much of you, and you want time for yourself. To recover, to heal, to pee.

Your body has changed so much. Give yourself grace and time to heal. It’s not easy seeing this new body — this unfamiliar territory. But think about it — your body created a whole human for ten months. It took energy and nutrition away from your body to create this new human. It made you sick, uncomfortable, and fatigued. And then your body went through this traumatic experience of bringing this baby into the world. Now, it’s time to heal.

Your body needs to heal physically, and you need to heal emotionally. Your emotions are everywhere. You will cry, and you may know why you’re crying, and you may not. You may cry over the silliest thing or something small, but just cry it out. You may feel angry, frustrated, sad, and not know why you’re feeling all of this, but this is normal. Let your doctor know if your sadness becomes more than sadness. You will feel tired. Oh, so very tired. It’s a new level of exhaustion you didn’t know existed. But sleep will come eventually.

You may lose yourself a little bit in the consumption of being a mother, but remember you are more. Don’t forget who you are and what you like. Make sure to make time for yourself. You give and have given so much of yourself, don’t put yourself on the back burner. Take care of yourself because your baby deserves a healthy, happy mommy.

This time in your life is joyous, scary, wonderful, tiresome, loving, and busy all at the same time. But now that you’re here, you cannot see your life any other way because the love you have for your baby is more than anything else in this world.

You are doing great, don’t listen to that voice that says you’re not.

With Love, Heidy

Post Originally Published On Medium.

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