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Hello wonderful reader! I’ve realized that I’ve been writing blog posts and haven’t given a life update on here in awhile. So, today I’m writing about what has been going on in my life.


In Medium, I wrote about how I wasn’t ready to return to my job after maternity leave; you can read that article here. And I wrote about getting a promotion; you can read about that here. I am currently working full-time as a medical coding specialist. I’m still working for the same hospital, and I’m still working from home. The department I work for has been remote for the last six years, so since before the pandemic, and as long as I stay within this department, I’ll be remote. I absolutely love what I do, and I love my team. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until after I started this position. I’m enjoying how laid back my job is, and I don’t see myself changing for now.


Home life is good! My son is getting bigger every day, my daughter is getting smarter every day, and my hubby is good. I love that since I work from home, I’m with my son all day, every day. Although it sometimes gets overwhelming, I love that I get to see his every milestone. Unlike with my daughter, I worked away from the house, so I was only with her during the evenings. I want to write about this in more detail later, but I’m enjoying my home life for now.

Side Hustles/Passion Projects/Hobbies

I don’t even know what to call this paragraph; as you can see, I added three things, LOL. So, in addition to blogging and writing, I started a podcast. It’s called, The American Dream In The Eyes of Immigrants. I started it in March, and it’s been amazing! I talk with immigrants about their immigration stories to the US. They share the culture shocks they experienced, their first memory and feelings when they arrived, and how they adapted to living in a new country. I’m learning a lot, and I love hearing people’s stories. My goal with this podcast is to help change the narrative of immigration in the US to a more compassionate and empathetic way. I feel the best way to do that is by sharing and listening to immigrant stories.

In addition to doing my podcast, I’ve been a guest on several different podcasts, sharing my story and promoting my poetry book, which I wrote about here. I share the podcasts I’ve been a guest on Twitter – you can follow me there to keep up with the shows.

So being a guest on podcasts, hosting my podcast, and keeping up with my writing projects has kept me extremely busy. However, I’m enjoying everything so far. God has provided me with many opportunities after publishing my book, and I’ve been networking with other businesswomen around my city.

Plans for the Future

I want to start providing workshops and classes to share my knowledge. I’ve been brainstorming about creative writing classes, journaling classes, hosting poetry slams, art showcases, and how to start a podcast class (in person and virtual). Also, I want to continue to network with people online and in person and be guest speakers for podcasts and maybe conferences. I want to build my brand! I am so thankful for everything God is doing in my life, and I’m so humbled by all the opportunities. I’ve also LOVED all the people I’ve met and connections made.

I’m absolutely in love with life right now. 🙂

Let me know how things are going on in your life – I love connecting!

With Love, Heidy

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Pregnancy After a Loss

It has been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog, and I decided to give an update on my life. Actually, the last three posts were guest posts, and the last time I wrote was in May, and it was about the miscarriage I experienced in November of 2020.

            Well, I am currently pregnant with my rainbow baby! 😀 I am super excited, but the first trimester was really rough, and I was sick all the time, which is why I had to cut back on a lot of things that I was doing, including blogging. Because I was so sick, I was also miserable. I couldn’t cook or do anything. On top of being physically miserable, I was also emotionally unstable. I feared losing the baby, and everything worried me. I felt depressed again with no motivation to do anything. So this brought guilt. The guilt of not being able to cook for myself nor my family. The guilt of not being able to take care of my family and the guilt of feeling miserable after I prayed so much for this baby.

            I am beyond blessed to have the husband I have because he held everything down while I was struggling so much, and not once did he make me feel even more guilt than I already was feeling. He only kept reminding me that this is all temporary. My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one. I didn’t have any symptoms and only vomited once. With this pregnancy, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve vomited, and I even ended up in the ER with how bad I vomited one night. I felt extremely tired and couldn’t get up from the bathroom floor, but luckily everything was okay. It was hard to make plans during this time because I didn’t know how I would feel that day.

            Currently, I’m in my second trimester, and the morning sickness has subsided. I only feel sick occasionally. I would be lying if I said that I don’t sometimes worry about losing this baby. Being pregnant after a loss is terrifying and worrisome. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the journey just thinking about the worst-case scenarios. But I pray every day that I’ll be able to carry my baby to full term and that I can have a safe delivery to a healthy baby. I trust in God one hundred percent.

            I know that miscarriage and pregnancy after a loss isn’t talked about often, but I feel like it should be. It does happen more often than we think, unfortunately. Although I know that it is not an easy topic to talk about, but who can relate more than someone who has gone through the same experience as you? I am available to speak to anyone who may have questions or needs a listening ear.

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With Love,


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