3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Have an Email List

You’re a small business owner; you have your website and your Instagram following. You get your leads that way, and you are making great sales. Everything is going great, your business is thriving, and then all of a sudden, Instagram deactivates your account. Now what?

Do you have a way to communicate with your customers outside of Instagram? Well, you can if you start an email list. Here are three reasons why all small business owners should have an email list.

If Social Media Shuts Down, You Can Still Contact Your Email List

We’ve seen it before, Instagram and Facebook not working for a whole day. People tend to lose their minds when this happens, and if it happened once, it will happen again. You will still have access to your customers by building your email list even if social media isn’t working. Why? Because your email list is independent of social media. If you are solely depending on Instagram for your sales leads, then the day that it does not work is a day you will lose sales. And we don’t want that. Also, with your email list, you can contact everyone simultaneously instead of having to send individual messages, like direct messaging on Instagram. Everyone gets the same message at the same time.

Inform Your Email List About Products and Services First

Your email list is the best way to community with your customers. You can share your new products and services with them first. That gives them priority over those who are not subscribed and provides loyalty to you. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a popular marketing strategy that works, and your email subscribers won’t have to deal with FOMO with your business because they will know FIRST what you are providing them. You are putting your email list first, and in return, this will generate continuous sales because your customers will feel valued and appreciated. Major corporations do it; why not you?

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You Create Your Own Community

You don’t own your Instagram account; Facebook does, so they can de-active your account at any time, and I’ve seen it happening a lot recently. But your email list, that’s yours! Those are your people, your customers, your very own community! You can create exclusive content for your community, offer a special promotion, and so much more. You are giving them a sense of belonging. Everyone loves that. So go ahead and start your own community with your email list!

In Conclusion

            We cannot only rely on social media to generate sales because it’s not dependable. With your email list, you will still have access to it no matter what happens to Facebook or Instagram, you can always keep in touch with your customers and let them know what’s going on first, and you’ll have your very own community! I’m sure there are more benefits of having an email list, but I think these are the top 3. Can you think of other reasons? Share your thoughts with me.

With Love, Heidy

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Blog Poems

Old Love Returns

They started dating four years post-break-up.

It was a serious relationship.

Lasted about 5 years.

She thought he was the one.

He thought she was the one, but it didn’t work.

She was heartbroken for a while.

Wouldn’t date.

Wouldn’t try until she met someone else who reminded her of him.

He was just like him, and she loved it.

But of course, it wasn’t him, so it wasn’t the same.

She couldn’t have him back, so why not settle for one similar, there is no harm in that?

Or so she thought.

Everything was going good, so good, after 3 years he asked her to marry.

She said, yes!

Her ex had already moved on, married.

It was her turn.

They married.

Bought a house.

Got a dog.

She got promoted at work the following year.

Everything was perfect. Or was it?

Her heart wasn’t fully in it.

She was living in the past.

Reliving moments with him.

Dreaming of him.

Longing to be in his arms again.

This isn’t fair to her husband.

She hated herself.

He noticed a change around 2 years into the marriage.

She was distant.

Not talkative.

He tried everything to please her.

Make her happy.

Bought her everything.

He suggested marriage counseling.

She refused.

He wanted to expand the family.

She suggested another dog.

He wanted a baby.

She didn’t.

One afternoon she got a phone call from a random number.


She froze.

She couldn’t believe she heard his voice again.

Hi, she barely replied.

It’s been so long, how are you?

I’m good. How are you?

I’m fine.

Listen, I was wondering if we could meet up for lunch sometime.

She accepted the invitation.

They met up for lunch the following week.

It felt like old times.

She felt like a teenager.

She forgot how that felt.

He told her he was getting divorced.

 He had no kids.

And he wanted to see how she was doing.

She wasn’t doing as well as everyone thought; she was transparent with him.

He told her he wanted to see her again.

She agreed.

These lunches went on for weeks.

Until she told her husband, she wanted a divorce.

He was surprised but at the same time knew it was coming soon.

He asked for one more chance.

She moved into the guest room.

During one of the secret lunches, she mentioned the divorce.

Now, we can be together like old times.

He told her that he was working things out with his wife.

This would be the last lunch.

She decided to follow through with her divorce.

She wasn’t happy.

She needed to find happiness.


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