Why Can’t We Celebrate Diversity?

From all the comments of the Super Bowl Half-Time Show and while listening to The Breakfast Club, I started to think, why can’t we celebrate diversity? Why can’t we embrace different cultures? This is what makes this country so beautiful, the difference between all the people. What other countries in the world do you know that are as diverse as ours? Why can’t we be more open-minded to accept differences, to accept diversity, to try to learn about other cultures, to try to understand their norm? God made us all different for a reason. There are different cultures for a reason. Being able to see a representation of different cultures is so beautiful to me.

What if we lived in a world where there was one culture? If we were all the same? That would be boring and dull. I challenge you to try to be a little open-minded, try to be a bit more accepting of differences, try to be a little more respectful of different cultures, you might learn something. Do a little research before you come up with your statement. Don’t be so quick to judge, dig deeper, and look at the bigger picture. This world is filled with so much information, so many beautiful people, so many fascinating cultures, and why not embrace it?

Just because it was a little different than yours doesn’t make it bad, or wrong, or inappropriate. God gave us two sets of eyes, two ears, and one mouth – to see more and listen more than we talk.

Let’s embrace our differences, not bash it. Let’s learn from each other and respect each other. We, the people, are what makes this country beautiful, all of our differences, and the different cultures we are exposed to. Thank you, God, for making us the way you did, and I pray this world could be a little more accepting.

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