Two Things Every Podcast Episode Must Have

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Every podcast episode needs two things! I mean, there are more than two things needed, but two things MUST be on each podcast episode. But before we jump into what those things are, remember that launching a podcast, getting the show running smoothly, and getting a schedule that works for you all have moving parts to it. As a seasoned podcaster and podcast coach, my job is to provide tips and tricks to make your podcasting experience the least overwhelming as possible. 

I’m super excited you finally decided to get your podcast going. As you are getting things together for your podcast and you’re outlining your episodes, make sure you include these two things: an intro and an outro! 

This may seem like obvious information but trust me, there are podcasts out there that don’t have this. Now, I want to share with you what exactly to include in each part!

What Is an Intro (Introduction) For Podcast Episodes

The introduction of your episode, intro for short, is the first thing that listeners will hear when they press play on your podcast episode. Think of it like the introduction of a TV show!

What Should You Include in the Intro

Each episode should have the same intro. If you are doing seasons, you can change it up for each season but make sure that it’s not a different intro for each episode because you want consistency. Also, keep in mind as you publish more episodes, not everyone will start on your first episode. They may listen to episode 15 first because that’s the episode a friend recommended. Make sure your introduction has this: 

  • Music (royalty-free – we don’t want copyright lawsuits)
  • Who you are
  • Name of your podcast 
  • What your podcast is about 
  • If you have a slogan/saying/or mission 

The best thing to do is record the intro, save that file, and plug it in when you’re editing. Some podcasters, after their initial intro, will record a welcoming message letting the listeners know what this particular episode is about. This is an option, or you can just get right into the episode.

What Is an Outro for Podcast Episodes

The outro is the opposite of the introduction of the episode. So it’s the closing remarks of the episode. Think of it like the ending credits of a movie or TV show!

What Should You Include in the Outro

Same as the intro, every episode should have the same outro. The most important thing to have in your outro is a call to action. Do not end your episode without one! Tell your listeners what to do next after listening to your episode. Here are a few call-to-action ideas: 

  • First, thank them for listening (time is precious) 
  • Leave a review or rate the podcast (depending on which platform they are listening on)
  • Follow on social media 
  • Subscribe to the podcast
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Share with a friend

If your podcast is an extension of your business, this is the perfect place to plugin whatever products or services you offer. And change the outro whenever you have a new product or service available. 

Remember to include all the links to resources, products, or services mentioned in the episode in the shownotes. In another post, I’ll tell you exactly how to write your shownotes and what to include.


One of the great things about podcasting is that you can create your show and adjust it to your liking, however, there are a few things that are needed to make the podcast successful. And an intro and outro for each episode is one of them! I hope this article was helpful; if so, please share it with a podcasting friend. 

Coming soon, I’ll have a podcast starting kit for purchase that will include a weekly planner, monthly planner, guest intake form, episode outline, and shownotes outline. 

With Love, Heidy

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What Is Covered in the 6-Week Podcast Course?

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This is me recording at a podcast studio – Pod Media Lab

How long have you been putting off starting your podcast? In one of the Facebook podcast groups I’m in, the admin asked how long people put off starting their podcasts and everyone answered YEARS! Some said 2, 3, and even 5 years! But one person wrote this – “I thought about it for a few years, but once I got serious about it, the smartest thing I did was hire someone to help me launch my podcast. They kept me accountable, and I got it launched in a month!” 

That is exactly how I want to help you! I will keep you accountable so you don’t give up and coach you every step of the way. You can ask questions whenever they arrive and I will help with any challenges that may arise. And trust me, challenges do happen. 

When I launched my podcast I did it all on my own and it was overwhelming. I wish I had someone to talk to when I had doubts, or to share my concerns with, or even just to check up on me to see how I was progressing, but I didn’t have any of that – so because I know how those feelings of doubt creep up, I want to be there for you throughout this whole process!

 Here is what we will cover in the 6 weeks of the podcast course.

Week One

In week one we will discuss three things:

  • What is your why?
  • What is your niche or topic?
  • Who is your target audience?

Discovering your why is the first step to launching a podcast because it will be your drive. Your why will help you stay focused, establish goals, vision, and mission, and will keep you going when challenges arise. So when those moments of doubts come up during a roadblock you’ll go back to why and keep going. 

You need to know what is your topic and who you are talking to because your podcast isn’t for everyone. And you don’t want it to be for everyone!

Week Two

In week two we will piggyback from week one to help choose a title for your podcast. This comes with knowing your topic and your audience. Then you will choose if you want to do solo episodes, have guests, or a mixture of both. If you want to have seasons, if so, how many episodes per season, or if you want to just continue recording? 

I will help you create a cover art for your podcast and select a launch date. This will help map out a plan for your recording schedule and publishing schedule.

Week Three

Now it’s time to research which is the best hosting host for the podcast. Different hosting sites offer different features and some are free and others have paid plans. Once a hosting site has been established it’s time to write the description of the show. 

During this week you’ll get your recording equipment, if you don’t already have it. When I started my podcast I started recording on my phone and slowly invested in other equipment, but I don’t want people to not start because they don’t have professional equipment. 
Here are the links for the equipment I use for my podcast: 

Mic for Zoom interviews

Camera for Zoom interviews



Camera for in-person interviews

Mic for in-person interviews

(This site contains product affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links).

The last thing we will work on this week is planning the trailer episode – which is a preview of what the show is about and what’s to come.

Week Four

This week you will record your trailer episode! You’ll have a few friends listen to it and get feedback. We will plan your first six episodes, plan how you’re going to market your show, to then start marketing it that week. And in this week I’ll go over editing and where you can pick royalty-free music.

Week Five

Almost towards the end here – you’re going to upload your trailer episode to your hosting site! Start marketing your trailer episode and get the momentum going! And from here you’ll select five friends to be on your podcast-launching team. More recording will be done this week, you’ll record the intro and outro that you’ll use for each episode, and this week you’ll record your first three episodes.

Week Six

We’ve come to the end of our time together! This week will be a week of reflection on how far you’ve come! You have a podcast – you did it! YOU’VE LAUNCHED A PODCAST!

This week I want to take time to truly celebrate what an accomplishment this is! We will celebrate all the successful podcast launches! 

You’ll have your launch team promote your podcast, you’ll schedule your first three episodes, and record your next three since you’ve already planned them!

Let’s Launch Your Podcast!

So are you ready to launch your podcast? If so, let’s set up a call and get you signed up for the course.

P.S. Payment plans are available! 

With Love, Heidy

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