Glory Conference Recap

Glory conference with Jackie Hill Perry, there is a stage of the church, speaker on stage, with glory word in the background.
Picture taken by Heidy De La Cruz

Glory Conference

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of going to Lifeway’s Glory Conference hosted by Jackie Hill Perry. I first heard about Jackie at the Lifeway Women’s Live Conference in 2019 and I instantly was drawn by how she spoke and preached. Since then I’ve followed her on Instagram, I’ve read both of her books, and she’s a poet just like me, so I definitely identified with her in that aspect. 

When I saw that she had her own conference I was interested and searched to see if the conference would be hosted near where I live. There was one in Jacksonville, Florida but I thought to myself, “I don’t know anyone there and I’ve never been.” However, I saw that Glory was going to be hosted in my hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan – so I set the plan to attend. 

The conference was on Friday night and Saturday morning. I arrived in Grand Rapids on Thursday afternoon and I got to spend time with my best friend. And on Friday morning, I got ready, wrote two articles, and spent more time with my best friend. We went to the outlet mall, I got a new purse, we ate good Mexican food (if you’re ever in Grand Rapids, you need to eat Mexican food), and we got pedicures! 

Friday Night

Then it was time to go to the conference. Before arriving I realized that I was going to this conference alone for the first day, my friend from Florida was arriving the following day, but it was a big deal for me because I struggle with doing activities alone. 

Friday night was great, the conference started with worship being led by Jordan Welch. And we heard a virtual message from Yana (I don’t think I wrote the name down correctly), and she told us how Jesus loves women and He cares for women. She asked, how can he not when he was born of a woman? She also said, “P.S. the future is not female. It’s male and female walking side by side working together for the glory of God.” I liked that message because as always with any movement there are extremists and we need both males and females to move things forward. 

The overall theme of the conference was Jesus and Women and Jackie preached from Genesis 16  – the story of Hagar. The overall message was that Sarai got herself into a mess because she was impatient, took matters into her own hands, and didn’t wait for God. Jackie said that misplaced hope gets you into messes. Don’t get yourself into a mess, wait for the Lord. 

Saturday Morning

Saturday there was worship again to start and then Q&A with Jackie and Dr. Sarita T. Lyons. Jackie asked Dr. Lyons questions about her ministry, and her background, and one of the things that stood out to me from one of her answers was, she said, “You cannot depend on people valuing you when your value comes from the Lord.” 

How many times do we wait for people to see our worth and wait for people’s recognition when we should only be caring about the value that God places on us? Too many times. They also opened up the floor for the audience to ask questions and the majority of them were about parenting. The biggest takeaway was that we cannot parent out of fear! 

After this, we heard another virtual message from Sarah (again, didn’t write down the last name) and her message was three distinctions for women. 

  1. The creation of women. 
  • We were created to bring strength. 
  1. The biological make-up of women. 
  • We can bring life into this world. Although, not every woman is called to motherhood. 
  1. Her position in society. 
  • As a woman, we need to study Jesus. Women were created to sit at the feet of Jesus. 
  • Sarah told us to use everything that makes you a woman for your ministry. 

Jackie’s Message at Glory

On Saturday Jackie preached from John 4 – when Jesus talks to the Samaritan Woman at the well. She gave us six observations of Jesus at the well to use in our ministries. 

  1. Lead with your humanity. 
  • Jesus said He was thirsty, that showed his humanity. Jackie told us that in our ministries we need to understand we are not God. We have limits and needs. And our insecurities remind us that we are human. Do not act like your life is perfect, Jesus helps you overcome. 
  1. Be curious about cultural context. 
  • The Samaritan women’s culture shaped how she saw Jesus. 
  • Jackie reminded us to always ask questions. 
  1. Address their spiritual condition. 
  • Everyone has a theological context. 
  • Sin produces ignorance and idolatry. 
  • Romans 1
  • People are thirsty for identity and authority but help people see that the thirst they have is for the water that Jesus provides. 
  1. Use what’s revealed to reveal God. 
  • Jesus told the woman to go call her husband and the woman responded that she had no husband, Jesus said, you are right, you’ve had five. He was revealing who He was. 
  • Most of your work in ministry will revolve around details of sin and exposure. However, show how God helped you overcome. 
  1. Practice true worship. 
  • God is seeking worshipers. 
  • If your practice if Jesus isn’t Lord, it isn’t true worship. 
  • Worship is daily. 
  • Believe in Jesus! 
  1. Keep it simple. 
  • Use the simple things that glorify God. 
  • Pray! 
  • You don’t need a huge platform or following because you need to be okay giving God glory when you are invisible. 
  • Point every woman to Jesus! 

A conference about God, not you! 

Wrapping Up

At the end of this conference, I felt so refreshed and ready to seek God deeper. I want to know God more and I didn’t even think this was possible. However, I’ve come to the realization that learning about God, seeking God, and knowing Him deeper is a lifelong journey. 

Prayer: Lord, I pray for everyone reading this recap of the conference that they will seek You God and they will get to know You. Our ministry isn’t about us, it’s about You, it’s about bringing you glory. It’s about Jesus! Thank you, God, for your ultimate sacrifice, for your Son, for your love, and for your mercy. I live for you and only you, to glorify your name always. Thank you for everything! And in your name, I pray always, Amen! 

With Love, Heidy 

Romans 3:23 NIV – for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 

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