Would You Move to a Different Country to Find Purpose?

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Cover art for the episode – Finding Purpose

Burcu is from Turkey and was a recent guest on my podcast, The American Dream in The Eyes of Immigrants. Like all my guests, she shared her journey of coming to the United States and her experience here. However, unlike other guests, she wasn’t fleeing hardship or seeking a better quality of life when she left Turkey; she was seeking purpose.

Life in Turkey Was Great but No Purpose

Back home in Turkey, Burcu had what people would call the ‘perfect life.’ She had a good career, made good money, had a car, a place to live, and was doing what she wanted; however, she felt like she wasn’t living her true purpose. So, what did she do? She quit her job and moved to the United States — without knowing much English and without knowing anyone here. Talk about brave!

Burcu eventually made friends and founded her company Joyy, LLC, during her time here. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs with personal and professional goals, which is her true life’s purpose!

She also started the Coffee O’Clock Podcast, where she speaks with inspirational people with the goal of spreading joy and inspiration.

Why This Story Is Important

I wanted to highlight this particular story from my podcast because it’s different — when we talk or hear about immigration, we typically hear about people fleeing war, hardship, humanitarian crises, or persecution; however, this was not the case. And this is why I started this podcast — to share these stories — the good, the bad, and the truth.

Also, I wanted to share her bravery because I am a person who struggles even going on a date by myself, let alone moving to a whole new country where I don’t even know the language and to find purpose. How many people do you know that would or have done that?

I want to thank Burcu once again for sharing her story on my podcast — you can listen to the episode here and follow her on Medium Burcu Onaranel Erten!

With Love, Heidy

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