One Thing I’m Not Stressing Over This Back to School Season

Three notebooks, pencils, Crayola colored pencils, and Crayola crayons on a desk. These are back to school supplies.
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It’s back to school season again! Summer literally flew by; it feels like it was yesterday that my daughter was turning in her last assignments to officially start summer break. And now it’s that time to get back into the school routine, sports activities, dancing, or whatever your family does.

It’s also time to buy clothes and shoes, and if you’re anything like me you’re always looking for a deal, especially with prices these days.

This time can also be stressful, especially when the school sends the school supplies list. However, this year I refused to stress myself with purchasing everything on that list, I did something different instead.

Here’s What I Did

My daughter is going into fourth grade and every year prior I would buy everything on the school supply list and I’ve noticed that every year she doesn’t use most of the supplies. I have folders that I bought two years ago that were never used. So, this year, I refused to buy everything on the list and I only bought what I think are essentials.

The Essentials

  • Notebooks (3)
  • Pencils (pack of 15)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Lunchbox

My daughter still has erasers, scissors, and glue sticks that work from last school year, so why would I spend more money buying new ones? Another thing I didn’t buy was a new backpack. She’s still using the same backpack from two years ago because it works and looks perfectly fine.  

I told my daughter if there are supplies from the list that she needs to let me know and we will buy them throughout the year or when she needs them. But I don’t see the point in stressing myself out trying to buy everything on the list when she doesn’t use everything anyway.  

Also, my stepmom’s dad works as a head custodian at an elementary school, and at the end of the school year, he always brings home a bunch of school supplies that were either never used or gently used. It made me think of the parents who struggle to get their kids supplies every year – that it could be saved for them.  

So, if you haven’t bought your kid’s school supplies yet, don’t stress, buy the essentials and anything else they may need can be bought later.

Wrapping Up

Lastely, let’s talk to our kids about being kind to other kids. They don’t need to make fun of kids who don’t have new shoes or brand-name shoes. They don’t need to make fun of kids who don’t have new clothes or are wearing the same clothes from the previous school year. We don’t know everyone’s home situation and times are hard for everyone.  

I would love to end this with a prayer for this new school year.

God, we give you thanks for another school year. I pray that this year is full of learning, creativity, friendship, and compassion. I pray for the educators who teach and guide our kids into the future that you give them strength and encouragement going into this new year. Teaching isn’t an easy profession, but those who do it do it because they love it, are passionate, and love to teach the future generation. I pray for the safety of all the students and educators in all the schools around the country. Lord, protect them, cover them, and guide them. May this school year be the best yet! In your name, we pray, Amen!

With Love, Heidy

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By Heidy De La Cruz

Daughter of God, Wife, Writer, Poet, Mother, and lover of life

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