3 Things I Worried About Before Becoming a Mom of Two

For the moms – what were your worries before your second child was born? These were mine.

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I was a mother of one for eight years, and I thought I knew everything I needed to know about babies, but really you are learning as you go. When the time was getting closer for my son to be born, I was getting anxious and nervous about certain things. I figured this was normal as I had never been a mom of two before. So, for my YouTube channel, I made a video addressing three things I worried about before becoming a mom of two. You can watch that video here. But I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago, and she expressed that she also had worries before becoming a mom of two, and I thought, why don’t I write a blog post in addition to my video? So, here it is.

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Dividing My Attention

The first thing that worried me was being able to divide my attention between two kids. I was so used to only having my daughter and setting time for us to have mommy-daughter time, but how would I do that now that a new baby was coming and would require so much of my time?

This worried me because I didn’t know how I would juggle the two, but what I did was I talked with my daughter. I told her that her baby brother would require so much time and attention because he couldn’t do anything alone. And I said to her that as a big sister, she would be able to help mommy out with the baby. She actually loved that. I set a time for us to hang out and make sure we have our own time together.

My Daughter Feeling Jealous or Left-Out

The second thing that worried me was my daughter feeling jealous or left out. Speaking to my daughter about how much time and attention her new brother would require also set up expectations of how things would be moving forward. This changed all our lives, so I wanted to ensure my daughter was prepared.

Before my son was born, I made sure that my daughter was doing a lot of things on her own; she’s very independent. She has her alarm in the morning, gets ready, picks out her clothes, eats breakfast, and makes lunch. But I still want her to know that I’m there for when she needs me and that I still loved her the same even though her brother was coming.

Would I Love Them Equally

The third thing I was worried about was how I would love them equally. Again, since I had not had another child, I couldn’t comprehend how I would love another child as much as I love my daughter. Now that my son is here, I can say that there is no loving them; equally, there is no loving one more than the other; it’s more that you love them differently. My son is different than my daughter, so my love for him is different, but it’s both just as intense, if that makes any sense.

My son is about to be a year old, and I’m so glad that these worries are beyond me, but they were very real before he was here just because of the unknown. But I’d love to hear from mommies of multiple kids; how did you feel before your second was born? What were your worries and concern?

With Love, Heidy

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