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Lifeway Women Live 2022!!!

Lifeway Women Live 2022!

I attended the Lifeway Women Live event this year, and this time I was able to attend in person because they hosted it in Orlando again! It’s definitely a different experience in person than online; either way, you receive God’s message for you, but nothing beats the in-person experience.

I write about this conference every year because I hope to encourage someone to attend based on what I’ve experienced and them wanting to either get closer to God or wanting to fellowship with other ladies.

This year the lineup was Jen Wilkin, Jada Edwards, Kristi McLelland, Jennifer Rothschild, Kelly Minter, and Jackie Hill Perry. Nikki Lawrence and Juliana Wilson hosted it. The musical guest was Ellie Holcomb, and the worship leaders were B.K. Bridge.

Jen Wilkin

The theme for this conference was Grace, so each speaker had a teaching about Grace.

Jen Wilkin was the first one to speak, and her teaching was based on John chapter 21. She started with justice and mercy and asked what they were. She said justice is getting what you deserve after committing a crime or wrongdoing.

And mercy is not getting what you deserve. She told us that God has forgiven us so much, and we should do the same for others. She mentioned 1 Peter 3:17 and 18. And said we should be quicker to repent and slower to repeat our sins. That really stood out to me. Jen reminded us that we must read the bible to know who God is, and that way, we can know who we are. And she ended by saying that God’s mercies are new every day.

Jada Edwards

Jada was my favorite this year. It was the first time I had heard her talk, and I looked her up on Instagram as soon as she finished. I’m glad she went next because she definitely woke me up. She was hilarious!

Her teaching was based on Romans 3:23 and 1 Peter 3:17 & 18. She told us we could not be afraid to confess what God doesn’t already know. He knows everything about us, what we need to work on, and our sins. There is nothing you can tell God that will surprise Him. She said that we need something from God; we are very specific, but we lump it all together when we ask for forgiveness. She also said we need to know who we are so we can love well. And lastly, we should humble ourselves and see ourselves in the small things.

Kristi McLelland

Her teaching was based on Psalm 23. She had us read it out loud altogether. Kristi said that the Psalms are words we give back to him. She mentioned that a few of her friends our counselors, and she asked them what they had noticed now that we are getting out of this pandemic, and they responded that people are not okay. The world shook us to our core. And she ended her message by asking if we are praying honestly?

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer is medically blind, and she has been since she was 15, I believe, she said. Her teaching was based on 2 Corinthians 12. And she started by telling us that she had asked God to remove her thorn. Her thorn of being blind and she had asked over and over again to be healed. She reminded us that we all have thorns. She said God’s Grace is undeserved, “I know I don’t deserve to be healed.” Then she gave us two takeaways:

  1. Since Grace is sufficient, how do we experience it? She said to rest and embrace what you cannot avoid.
  2. Since Grace is undeserved, how do you live it? And the answer spelled out G.R.A.C.E

G – Grasp loosely

R – Repent, not repeat

A – Apologize or forgive

C – Choose your words wisely

E – Empathize before you evaluate

Kelly Minter

Kelly’s teaching was based on Luke 8. I don’t have many notes from her talk, but I do have that she said God’s Grace is not bound by time or location. Which really stood out to me. She told us that God’s Grace could handle your whole truth. We don’t need to hide anything from God; in fact, we can’t hide anything from God.

Jackie Hill Perry

The last person to talk was Jackie Hill Perry, and as she was talking and said she was going to give us three points, I realized it was the same message she gave last year. But instead of being upset, I thought, this year’s theme is Grace, so let’s give some grace. She does have a four-month-old at home, just like I do.

In Conclusion

Overall, the conference was good this year. We were able to get 52 women from our church to go, and we had reserved seating. It was nice being with so many women and listening to God’s word together. I always encourage Christian Women to attend one of these conferences. The next one is in Atlanta in August.

With Love, Heidy

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