Bachelorette / Bridal Shower Weekend!

Two weekends ago had to be one of the best weekends of my life. It was my Bachelorette weekend, and it was nothing short of amazing. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my cousins, and when we all get together, it’s always a great time.

I started planning this weekend back in October because I wanted to give people enough time of anticipation, so they plan to not make plans for this time. LOL And we were throwing ideas out to see what would stick and honestly everything sounded fun, from rollerblading to dinner shows, indoor sky diving, and even the Blue Man Group.

I decided we should do pole dancing/chair dancing at Vixen fitness studio after that go to Mango’s Tropical Cafe for food, drinks, and dancing. And Sunday would be the Bridal Shower at La Madeleine, which is a french bakery, cutest place ever; unfortunately, they were about 2 weeks away from closing the Orlando location permanently, but I was able to use that location for the shower before they closed.

There were no plans for Friday night because that was when everyone arrived, but we ended up going to my grandma’s house for a little bit and then went to ICON Park, where the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, and SEA LIFE Aquarium are. I’ve already been on the Orlando Eye, and my anxiety doesn’t mix well with it. LOL, I was terrified the first time I got on, so my cousin Olga, Lia, and I went to the SEA LIFE Aquarium while everyone else got on the Eye.



We ended up completing both activities at the same time and went to the celebrity wax museum after. Madame Tussauds was a lot of fun, they changed some of the wax figures since the last time I had went, but it was delightful. We went out to eat Dominican Chimi at the Food Trucks afterward. It was getting late, and I had to drop off my younger sister at my parents’ house, my cousin Carla came with me, and the rest went back to my place. What I didn’t know was that they had a surprise waiting for me for when I got home.

I came home to my place decorated with Rose Gold Backdrops, Balloons, Cups that said, “Bride To Be” and “Bride Tribe,” straws, tattoos, a sash, and a veil. Oh, can’t forget some pretty naughty cookies. LOL But everything looked SO beautiful, and I definitely wasn’t expecting all of that when I arrived. We spent the rest of the night playing “Heads Up” and laughing so hard we had tears!


Saturday started off with breakfast at a Dominican Restaurant, called “El Rey De Los Pollos” that turns into a sports bar at night. A perfect place to eat if you’re in the Kissimmee area. Then back to my home to hang out, talk, and get ready for Saturday night festivities.


Saturday night consist of pole dancing first, a few minutes of hanging out, taking pictures, and then ended with a sexy chair dance routine. Then we went to Mango’s Tropical Cafe for more fun!






Sunday was the Bridal Shower, and the food was so delicious. We played games like “Would She Rather,” “Who Knows The Bride Best,” and had a purse scavenger hunt. There was a game that I had to guess how my Fiance answered his questions to see how well I knew him, and I got 6 out of the 10 questions right, barely made it. LOL, I absolutely adored all the gifts I received and truly enjoyed my time.



My Bachelorette weekend was a weekend I’ll never forget. I felt so loved, and it couldn’t have been any more PERFECT! I cannot wait to be Mrs. De La Cruz. 🙂



By Heidy De La Cruz

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