Social Media & Relationships

Do you think that social media impacts your relationship? Why or why not?

I recently asked my Instagram followers, and two answered, a female and one male. The male said that it impacts his relationship negatively, every time. The female said it no longer impacts her relationship, but in the beginning, it did, probably because of her own insecurities. And I can definitely relate to her.

You see, in my last relationship, how it was portrayed on social media was important to me. One, because it was a long-distance relationship, and two, because well honestly, I was insecure. I wanted to make certain everyone knew we were together and flourishing, but I was the only one trying to make sure of that.

Social media had a negative impact on my last relationship, so negative that I would spend hours looking through his Instagram page to always find inappropriate comments on other females pages. And don’t get me started on Facebook.

I also wanted him to post pictures of me, you know, on special occasions, like my birthday, our anniversary, things like that, but it was like I would almost have to beg him to do it, which was annoying. Never would do it on his own, but now looking back, I understood why, and I understand that social media is a big deal in a relationship only if you let it be.

My relationship now, he doesn’t post me, and I don’t care, why, because I feel much more secure than I ever did. I don’t need to show off to the world how happy we are or that we are flourishing because this relationship is between him and me and not the rest of the world. I’m also older now, and I realized whether I post or not we are still going to have issues in our relationship because no relationship is perfect, but why add extra drama with social media?

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing couples posts and seeing people show appreciation to their significant others, but we don’t know what is really going on behind those pictures. People only show what they want you to see.

As we get older, we realized some things used to mean so much to us when we were younger that truly doesn’t matter anymore. It’s part of growing, and we all learn from our mistakes. Try not to take this social media thing too serious, enjoy every day as it comes.

Has social media had an impact on your relationship? Let me know your thoughts.

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