Engagement Party SURPRISE!

It’s funny how a few weeks ago I was writing about how I couldn’t believe I was getting married and little did I know that our engagement party was being planned.

Jonathan’s friend from work and my aunt had this planned for about a month and I seriously had NO idea about it.

It started when we went to Jonathan’s friend’s house to talk about what kind of meal we wanted for our wedding since she has a catering business, shout out to Bluefields Kitchen. And apparently, after we left she texted my aunt to start planning the engagement party.

We had set up to meet again a month later, so on October 20th, to try out the food we talked about. That gave them PLENTY of time to plan. LOL

So, the morning of, while we were at church, she texted Jonathan to ask us to not dress too casual because she wanted to do like a promotional video and pictures for her business.

After church, I had to go try on my dress and my aunt met up with me at the store. She brought my grandma along and she started to tell me that the wedding tasting was postponed. I was so confused and asked my aunt, “why does she keep saying that?” And she replied she didn’t know. I really didn’t give it no mind and moved on.

On our way to Jonathan’s friend’s house, my dad called on Video-chat and asked me if we were on our way already? I told him yes. We talked for a little bit and then when he hung up Jonathan said to me, “well he’s happier than usual today.” I said, I’m not sure why. But obviously, now we know. 🙂

Once we arrived at Jonathan’s friend’s house I texted her we were there but she wasn’t replying so I called her, no answer. We got back in the car to wait. She replied that she would be right there. Once she arrived she told us to give her a few minutes to get ready because she set everything up by the pool.

We waited in the car listening to throwback music. I was on my phone and Jonathan was just chilling because his phone had died. After about 10 minutes Jonathan tells me he thinks something is up, like she is doing a surprise. I asked, “why do you think that?” He replied because she had mentioned it before but with people from work but he wasn’t sure.

We talked for a little longer and then she came out and got into her car and we followed her to the pool area where the clubhouse for her apartment complex was. She told us she was going to start recording us walking into the clubhouse for the promotion video and next thing you know we walk in and SURPRISE! 

I saw our friends and family all at the top level of the clubhouse and I was in shock. I started to walk in and then I felt overwhelmed and walked out because I started crying. 

I got myself together and walked back in again and hugged my grandma, my aunt, my little sister, and everyone else. I saw my cousins who I hadn’t seen in a few months, which was wonderful. Oh, I was overjoyed that all this was happening. Lia then came and grabbed my hand to show me all the pictures of Jonathan and me that were placed around the clubhouse. The decorations were so charming, pink, white, and gold balloons everywhere that said, “Future Mrs” and “She Said Yes!” White flower streamers hanging in the middle, my little sister placed the cups in the shape of an H, J, and three hearts on the table. Everything was just perfect.

We took pictures, we talked, played games, ate, and honestly had a marvelous time. I couldn’t stop smiling and I still couldn’t believe all of this was happening. It had been the first time being surprised like that and it made me feel so loved and grateful that we are surrounded by so many people that love and care for us.img-20191020-wa0179



This was when we first walked in.


Our precious cake


Loved the details





Photos by: XoxoSaraiPhotography



So on Facebook people share what some nowadays call, “baby mama/baby daddy” drama. I, personally, am not a fan of the term, but whatever.

Some stories you see are of men who want to see their kids and the mother doesn’t let them. Some are that they see their kids and provide for their kids but the mother still gives them a difficult time.

Other stories you see are that the father says he will do something, like pick up the child and never shows up. And some are that the father isn’t present and doesn’t want to be present in the child’s life.

Of course, not everything is posted but you can get an idea of what is going on in the situation, and honestly, all these stories break my heart for the kids because they are the ones who are most affected by these situations.

If a parent wants to be present in the child’s life the other parent should let them unless they are causing harm to the child because at the end of the day the child deserves both parents in their lives.

Also, if one of the parents starts a new relationship and that person is good to the child then why make a big fuss about that person being around the child? Now, in my opinion, the only time any parent should bring a significant other around the child is when they are serious about each other. So I can understand if the parent has a concern about just random people being around the child because we hear too many stories about children being abused.

I would want to meet the female who would be around my daughter and be cordial around her because, again, all this will affect my daughter.

One last thing, speaking negatively about the absent parent to the child should not happen. Why fill the child with hatred? Speak life into your child, they will know what kind of person their other parent is when they are older and see it on their own.

Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


Loving again….

After being hurt and deciding to give love another try is brave but extremely scary. A lot of people are stand-offish and very overprotective of their hearts the next time around. They may have doubts. They may give the person a hard time but you cannot punish one person for what the other person did.

This is why it’s important to give yourself time in between relationships. You were so connected to this one person, so involved in everything, became intimate with them and you will carry part of that person with you.

Take the time to detach yourself from that person. Find yourself again. Some people get so involved and attached in a relationship they lose themselves in it and forget who they were prior to the relationship. Do things that bring you joy, peace, and comfort, especially if you were betrayed or extremely hurt in the past relationship. Therapy or anything therapeutic would be a great way to start. You have to give yourself time to trust again.

Remember that not everyone is the same so if you do start a new relationship after betrayal you cannot compare your new relationship with your last relationship. Unless you’re starting to see the same type of behavioral patterns as your last relationship. We all learn something in each relationship.

I salute everyone who loves again or gives love another try after being betrayed because it is NOT easy at all to trust again. But there is someone out there for everyone just remember to NEVER settle and love DOESN’T hurt, if it hurts it isn’t LOVE.




I never thought I would be saying those words! Never did it cross my mind that I would be engaged and experiencing everything I’m experiencing right now. The wedding preparations, finding a venue, trying on wedding dresses, wedding meetings, and everything that comes with it. I always saw other people get married and have their big day but I never pictured any of that for me. Especially, not after my last relationship. I was convinced that I wouldn’t find someone and that I would be single forever.

You know after hearing over and over again that I was too complicated, that I argued too much, that I got mad too easily, and that no one would be patient enough for me or handle my mood swings, I really thought I would be alone. And I’m too young to think like that but when people plant that over and over in your mind, you start to believe it. But anyway, I’ve realized, I was just with the wrong person because now, I don’t argue, I’m not quick to get angry, I don’t have mood swings, and I’m really not a complicated person.

I have never been this happy in my life. Probably since the day Lia was born. I feel like I’m living in a fairytale, no just kidding, but seriously though, everything I was hoping and wishing for in a relationship I now have.

I was never asking for too much, I was just asking the wrong person. I read that somewhere and it made sense.

It’s also amazing how everything has been working out. Honestly, it’s all of God’s doing because I had been praying for a while now about getting married. I thank God every day for our relationship but I had been asking and praying for if we were to get married and here we are and everything is working out smoothly.

As I look back sometimes, it’s crazy to me how blind we can be. Thinking I had it all but really was living a lie. I’m just so glad that now my reality isn’t just a dream, it’s happening and with the most amazing man ever. I could probably write a book about how amazing he is but I won’t. 🙂

Only 130 days until I am Mrs. De La Cruz. But who’s counting. 😉