I look into your eyes and see a reflection of me

I am reminded of who I should be

Your smile brightens up my soul

Your laughter is music brought home

The love for you is deeper than the ocean

You’ve brought purpose to my life in every motion

You give me the strength to carry on day after day

You’ve brought color to my life, I no longer see gray

You are the reason for my heart being so full

You are the reason for my patience being so dull.

My life was saved the day you were born

Each day passes by the more I adorn

For you I need to be strong

For you I need to be bold

But because of you I am no longer torn

I repeat I love you over and over again

There’s no way to reflect my love for you any other way

You’re the reason for my being and the reason for my smile.

I love you way passed the moon and back my little wild child.

By Heidy De La Cruz

Daughter of God, Wife, Writer, Poet, Mother, and lover of life

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